About Us

Our mission is to serve our community in two important ways.  First is to provide the financial support necessary to recruit, train and re-train the many volunteers that respond to our 911 emergencies.  Second, is to secure the capital funds necessary for the purchase of specialized medical equipment, like ambulances, which are not included in the yearly town budgets.

In the past year, we have:

  • Contributed $85,000 to the Shelter Island Town EMS Capital Fund to purchase a new Advanced Life Support Ambulance
  • Purchased new CPR training equipment
  • Provided financial assistance for a several new paramedics and EMTs
  • Purchased state-of-the-art Airway Management tools for the Advanced Life Support personnel
  • Provided funds for in-house Core Training for Continuing Education programs for EMTs
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History of Shelter Island Emergency Medical Services

  • July 15, 1931  Chapter Charter (American Red Cross) received from President Herbert Hoover
  • 1936   First ambulance was a donated special built Packard, which accommodated a wheelchair.   William Wilcox, driver and Pauline Edwards, nurse
  • 1941     First Aid classes taught by Dr. Donald Currie
  • 1941- 46     Chapter received awards of recognition for support of US Armed Forces in World War II
  • 1944/45      New Chevrolet ambulance purchased
  • September 1976            Charles Mattson joined ambulance volunteers as first E.M.T.
  • May 1977   First E.M.T. class on Shelter Island
  • July 1980   Lease signed with Shelter Island Town for new ambulance building on Manwaring Road
  • October 1982     First Advanced E.M.T. class on Shelter Island
  • April 1984   1984 Ford III modular ambulance delivered. Equipped for Advanced Life Support service
  • 1986 Ben Jones joined the ambulance volunteers as the First Paramedic
  • January 1987     Ambulance volunteers delivered first baby going over Sag Harbor Bridge…to date three babies have been delivered by ambulance volunteers
  • March 1991     Dedicated Red Cross Education and Disaster Rooms at Town Medical Center
  • December 1993    Ambulances were NYS certified.   Shelter Island has the only Red Cross Emergency Ambulance in the USA
  • March 5, 1999   Shelter Island Chapter (American Red Cross) re-chartered
  • 1999 A.E.D. (Automated External Defibrillation) program started. First instructor, Jack Thilberg, trained community members
  • 2000   Freightliner ambulance delivered
  • September 2001 Two ambulance crews assist victims of the Word Trade Center attack
  • August 2003   Ground-breaking ceremony for new ambulance building
  • February 2006   12 people sign up at open house to volunteer, bringing the total record breaking number of 36 volunteers, including drivers, Basic EMTs, and Advanced EMTs
  • January 2012   Shelter Island Town acquires ambulance service from the American Red Cross.   Shelter Island Ambulance Foundation, Inc. created.
  • February 2015   Donation from the Aunita R. Lucas Scholarship Fund received to be used for educating and training EMTs who serve the Shelter Island community
  • February 2015       LUCAS Chest Compression System is purchased
  • December 2015     New ambulance delivered. Purchased solely with community donations to the Shelter Island Ambulance Foundation
  • Fall 2018    Anticipated arrival of state of the art ambulance obtained through the generous donations to this foundation
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To Donate

Your tax-free donations can:

  1. Mailed to Shelter Island Foundation, PO Box 547, Shelter Island, NY 11964
  2. Be given in memorial of a loved one, through matching grants with your employer or other benefit/charity organizations
  3. Via PayPal - see link

The Foundation is a registered 501 (c) (3) charity and your donations, bequests, or gifts are 100% deductible under the code.

All donations stay on Shelter Island.  Thank you, in advance, for your support.


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